2008 Issue 1


The Changing Nature of Search

Digital, Search Engine Marketing

As content providers and online advertisers, we must be ever vigilant toward the changes constantly occurring online. One of the most important of these is your search engine presence. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo! are continually making changes to their process to create more relevant...

Putting the Customer at the Center of it All

Customer Focus, Marketing Research

Integrated marketing is among the most discussed approaches around, considered to be the holy grail of marketing. Driven by the staggering fragmentation of media usage, the growing role and power of the consumer as influencer, the rapid emergence of the Internet as a viable marketing channel, and...

150th Anniversary By Acting Young

Customer Focus

When the largest privately held bank in the nation wants to celebrate its 150th anniversary, one thing is fairly obvious. It's got to be big. That's the exact realization Bozell came to when they began work on First National Bank’s 150th anniversary campaign in September 2006. Founded in 1857...

Personalized Poo Pitching

Customer Focus, Public Relations

Reporters at major and regional news media outlets receive hundreds of news releases and e-pitches each day. The "Big Five" wire services – PR Newswire, Business Wire, MarketWire, PrimeNewswire and PRWeb – alone pump out more than 2,000 news releases per day, according to the Public Relations...

Meet the Transumers

Customer Focus, Marketing Research

The 1980s have often been characterized by greedy power spending. The 1990s, a blingfest. Both were decades when brands defined the person. So it shouldn't be surprising that in the socially conscious, compassionate noughties, the antimaterialist backlash has begun. The voracious appetite for...