Please Don’t Ask Us to Promote Your Wrinkle Products!

July 30th, 2014

There are millions of dollars worth of wrinkle reducing products out there. And there are millions of dollars working to promote them.

In order to conduct my own very scientific experiment on various wrinkle reducing products, I first had to search for folks with wrinkles (denial is really a remarkable thing – isn’t it?).

After painstaking research conducted over a several year period I have come to the conclusion that there are four kinds of wrinkle reducing products that produce results of any kind, and they break out as follows:

  1. The kind that puffs you up so that wrinkles appear to fill out. Unfortunately, I have yet to meet a mature individual that needs help in “puffing up.”
  2. The kind that tightens your skin so that the wrinkles disappear completely. The ensuing tightness is irrelevant – the mirror tells you you’re gorgeous! Unfortunately, one blink (and this is no exaggeration) and all your wrinkles come tumbling back into place. Talk about heartbreaking – I’m told.
  3. The kind that wend their way into your eyes, thus blurring your vision and creating the appearance (to you only) that your wrinkles are softer and less defined, and finally
  4. The kind that gives you an allergic reaction and you break out into hives or develop a red crusty irritation where the product was used most heavily. Works like a charm in deflecting attention from the deepest of wrinkles – so they say!

Based on my extensive research I have come to one inalienable conclusion. We are way too honest to help promote any of these products, including those that hail from some of the finest names in skincare and cosmetics.