Campbell’s Soup for LGBT?

January 19th, 2017

With one word Campbell’s Soup’s new chicken soup commercial supports lesbians. One woman asks another woman if she wants some soup, but she ends her sentence with “babe.” That’s it. The offer of soup is politely declined because of a pre-existing salad, but the soup and the salad eater silently trade soup bowl for salad plate in an intimate food-sharing move right at the end.

So what does that mean? What’s the purpose? Is the spot designed to support lesbian relationships or to sell soup to lesbians?

The questions arise because not long ago, Campbell’s Soup ran a commercial for their Star Wars edition. The ad showed two men coaxing a young boy to eat his soup by using the Star Wars connection, with both men uttering the famous line “I am your father.” When that ad broke, Campbell’s received untold publicity due to the fact that the group One Million Moms went ballistic over the support of gay marriage. They threatened that the ad was a marketing tactic certain to hurt the legendary company.

So I wonder, is their primary goal to support the LGBT community, just maybe a little more subtly since their public admonition, or to sell soup? Are they trying to make sure that every parent of every persuasion feels like a Campbell’s Soup parent, including gay and lesbian parents?

Each of these commercials is beautifully produced and the talent behind them is evident. But I’m confused. I’m not 100% certain what Campbell’s wants the consumer to take away from either of the commercials. Perhaps it’s just as simple as: the LGBT community is not into homemade soup.