A Logo Project an AE Loves

August 20th, 2020

I love logo projects. As a non-designer, seeing the team dream up relatively simple visuals, from seemingly nothing, that can translate a complex brand is exciting. So when we recently got the opportunity to create a whole suite of event logos for a long-time partner, I couldn’t wait to see the results. Here’s how it went.

In 2019, Wellness Council of the Midlands (WELLCOM) and Live Well Omaha merged to form a new nonprofit – The Wellbeing Partners. Primary branding for The Wellbeing Partners was completed and launched on January 1, 2020.

Because of this merger and updated branding, a subset suite of event logos needed to be redesigned. Being a marketing partner for Trek Up the Tower (one of their annual events), The Wellbeing Partners tapped Bozell to make it happen. The logos that needed updating included Xchange Summit, Trek Up the Tower, and the Ignite Awards Gala (previously the Wellness Awards Gala).

At Bozell, we always begin with client input. So we started with a conversation – about the events, the audiences, their likes and dislikes, where they wanted the events to go, how the events fit together, etc. This allowed us to begin building parameters for the logo development process. For example, it helped us understand that the logos will often be used side-by-side, so ensuring continuity between the new event logos and the recently updated The Wellbeing Partners logo was critical.

And then we got to work!

We generated several ideas and concepts, presented options to the client and ultimately whittled it down to our top choice. We achieved continuity with The Wellbeing Partners logo through similar line weights, shapes, angles, colors and typography. Overlapping lines create a sense of dimension that matches the offset of the “W” from The Wellbeing Partners logo. And the family resemblance across each event is clear.

The really great part about these logos is that they serve as a foundation. The path is clear for any additional events that may be initiated in the future. And because of that, it sure makes my job of delivering the final product to the client pretty darn easy.

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