Walk the Walk: Bozell’s Awesome Company Culture

August 16th, 2018

It’s no secret that company culture is a huge deal to us here at Bozell. But we don’t just talk the talk – we really do also walk the walk when it comes to company perks like a free 24/7 snack bar, beer keg, flexibility and amazing company-wide parties. These things aren’t all just for fun though. We truly believe that they allow Bozellers to be happier and more relaxed, which then encourages us to do the great work for our clients that they deserve. However, our culture is so much more than perks like food and parties. What really cultivates a company’s culture and makes it so successful are the beliefs that your company stands for and the values it acts on.

Our CEO Kim Mickelsen talks about what those things are and how she thinks they make a difference in this Medium article in the Authority Magazine section. We’re psyched that she was able to share some of her wisdom and tips for cultivating a supportive and creative company culture that not only allows employees to relax, but also crank out awesome work that truly makes a difference in the world.

It all starts with the leader. Without great leadership, none of us would be able to make as big or as positive of an impact on our clients. So check out the article. Read it, learn from it and share it with your fellow humans who are also in search of the secrets to what makes for a great company culture.