Tis the Season to be Spamming

December 21st, 2011

This season has brought with it an avalanche of holiday cheer and good wishes. Many of these festive greetings have reached me through my e-mail. On a given day I can receive up to twenty colorful and creative communiques.

Unfortunately, only about a third of them are from people I know.

In all honesty, even Santa’s best elf could take on Grinch-like qualities with an onslaught of warm and heartfelt tidings from perfect strangers.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Aren’t we supposed to be moving toward a more personalized and meaningful interactive experience – in all phases of our lives?

When I see these blanket holiday greetings its kind of disheartening. I mean, not even have they made absolutely no attempt at personalization, apparently they have no idea who is even getting their random spewing of holiday cheer.

Are they arbitrarily expanding their contact list for the holidays? That doesn’t exactly seem like a way of making your closest and most important of contacts feel special, now does it? If you respond to this question by answering, well no, but I take my closest and most important out to lunch to celebrate up close and personal – then why don’t you just leave it at that? Do you think that tacky little spam greeting is what makes their holiday complete and makes them want to do business with you? Doubtful.

So the next time you are about to ask your designer to come up with a nifty little holiday e-mail that you can use to blanket the globe. Think again.