2020 Issue 1


Owned Media

Brand Management, Strategy & Planning

Owned media = communication channels you control (i.e., your website, blog, email, social channels, etc.). As marketers, we know there are four types of media – owned, paid, earned and shared. But how exactly do you take advantage of these very different platforms? How do you best utilize your...

Be Rooted in Purpose & Promise

Brand Management

In our ever-changing accountability culture, brands are being pressured to take a stand and stand behind it. This increasing pressure has forced brands to adapt and change their marketing strategies. They need to be more than what products or services they offer; they need to root themselves...

Life is Like a Box of Thought Leadership

Brand Management, Customer Focus, Public Relations

As an influencer, Forrest Gump would be a sought-after thought leader. Sure, he’s more of an accidental thought leader, but imagine his influencer status if he had lived an Instagram life. Content marketers would run three years, two months, 14 days and 16 hours for that kind of owned media....

Is Your Website Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Customer Focus, Design, Digital, Mobile Thinking, SEO

Your website is one of the most important owned channels in your business. It’s a source of credibility, information, and mostly conversion- or customer-lead generation. There are roughly 1.5 billion websites, and many are fighting for your customer’s attention. But, if you do it right and...

Encourage Employees to Own it

Brand Management, Customer Focus, Public Relations, Social Media

Let’s walk through a scenario. Imagine you’re a university student finishing up your senior year of college. You have a good idea of what you want to do after graduation; you’ve chosen your major, taken your courses and you’re ready to begin sending out job applications. The first place...

Beyond the Blog

Brand Management, Digital, Public Relations, SEO

True, blogs have been the bee’s knees for most of this millennium, and activity on platforms like Tumblr and WordPress has only been increasing. It’s pretty likely the blog trend will persist, and brands will continue to see the value of contributing to the blogosphere. An owned-media...

Bozell Podcast: Coming April 2020

Customer Focus

To commemorate Bozell’s 100th anniversary, we are doing a little content diversification of our own. You can soon check out Bozell’s new Marketing Then and Now podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Google, as well as any other major podcast platform. When it comes to marketing, advertising,...