Beyond the Blog

March 23rd, 2020

True, blogs have been the bee’s knees for most of this millennium, and activity on platforms like Tumblr and WordPress has only been increasing. It’s pretty likely the blog trend will persist, and brands will continue to see the value of contributing to the blogosphere.

An owned-media strategy can be so much more, though. If you are looking to shake things up this decade, here are four ways to venture beyond the blog.

  1. Produce your own podcast

    If brand building is on your 2020 priority list, or you’ve been trying to reach the time-strapped consumer who skips or tunes out the commercials, a podcast may be your answer. According to Edison Research, podcast listenership has been rising steadily over the last decade with one-third of Americans now listening to podcasts.

    Brands are starting to join in on this trend, and the ones who do it best are taking a non-commercial approach and having fun. As one example, McDonald’s produced a three-episode podcast with a tone mirroring NPR’s Serial podcast by bringing in Gizmodo to investigate how the fast-food chain ran out of a popular dipping sauce.

  2. Start a vlog

    You don’t have to be a Tim Allen character to launch a successful company vlog. Vlogs can be used for anything from tutorials and showcasing products to sharing behind-the-scenes work and introducing company leaders. They’re doable on a shoestring budget, too. All you need is a modern smartphone, a tripod, some basic editing software and YouTube to get the job done.

  3. Write an eBook

    Want to cover a topic in-depth and establish yourself as an expert? Write an eBook. This tactic can help you reach your current audience, as well as new people. By targeting a very specific group with email marketing, you can grow your audience by offering free copies of your eBook.

  4. Create infographics

    Your teacher was right. Showing is better than telling. Producing a few infographics throughout the year that align with your editorial calendar can be an effective way to get a point across. That’s what Bozell did with this infographic on 529 college savings plans. Sure, we could have written three paragraphs on how 529 plans make sense for people, but showing people made our message stick.

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