2019 Issue 2


The Retail Revolution

Brand Management, Customer Focus, Insights

You say you want a revolution … well maybe you didn’t say this, but the Beatles did and so did retail consumers all across the country. It’s no secret that today’s retail landscape is quickly undergoing dramatic changes. With so many changes, retailers are left scrambling and trying to...

It's the End of Retail as We Know It

Customer Focus, Disruption, Insights, Marketing Research

(And we feel fine?) Today’s retail landscape is changing rapidly and dramatically. There’s been a lot of news lately about the state of retail. From bankruptcies and store closures to new formats. Retail has gone through many changes in the last 100 years. From the mom-and-pop model to...

The Evolution of Shopping

Customer Focus, Innovation, Insights, Strategy & Planning

The Cycle of Retail Consumer Behavior “How are consumer behaviors changing with regard to how they shop?” As I started to answer this, I had to ask, “changing since when?” After all, change is happening so fast in the retail environment. Amazon has only been a major force in retail for...

Leave 'em Wanting More

Advertising, Customer Focus, Digital, Disruption, Innovation, Insights, Marketing Research, Media Planning & Buying

How to adapt to the new world of cord-cutters and ad blockers. In marketing, we have long held the belief in the traditional sales funnel. And while the core areas of focus haven’t changed, the process and order have. The consumer now bounces around and uses more sources during his or her...