2013 Issue 1


The Digital and Social Silo

Social Media

Why is social media and digital marketing still considered a “thing”? Let me know if this sounds familiar: you are either working for a client or working on your own marketing strategy, coming up with all the goals and objectives, creating the plan … and then adding on your social media...

Love at First Site?

Digital, Mobile Thinking

How to determine whether or not you need a “responsive” website. In the era of new media, it is more important than ever that your digital strategy be up to par. You have to worry about search engine optimization, social media and the ever present (and growing) mobile experience. According to...

Get It Together

Customer Focus, Insights

The integrated shopping experience is taking over. Today’s shoppers expect more than just an in-store browsing and buying opportunity. Shoppers want to see the integration of digital, mobile, location, social and physical stores. They want help finding and purchasing what they need through their...

Pop Goes the Web Sales

Email Marketing, Social Media

Increase your online following. Then turn that into increased sales. On January 2, 1980, Vic Larson opened Vic’s Corn Popper. Since then, his popcorn has grown in popularity and has become a local favorite. He currently owns and operates four store locations and one popcorn plant. He prides...

Holiday Results by the Numbers

Customer Focus, Insights

The shopping and spending trends and conclusions of 2012. It was an earlier start than usual this holiday season. And there were more shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas than last year. So hopes were high. But it turned out to be the imperfect holiday for many retailers. Because, when...