2011 Issue 1


The Frugal Consumer

Customer Focus, Insights, Marketing Research

FRUGALITY — THE NEW NORMAL Coupon usage records were set last year in the U.S. About 332 billion coupons were redeemed for a total value of $3.7 billion. Of all paper and paperless coupons, 87.7 percent were distributed via Free Standing Insert (FSI) formats, including co-op, solo and shared...

Right at Home

Brand Management, Customer Focus

Between 76 and 78 million baby boomers across the United States are aging. This group, the largest generation to date, will reach retirement age over the next two decades. In 2011, the first wave, the golden boomers, have begun to turn 65. Aging boomers represent a huge opportunity for a...

It's a mad, mad, mad mobile world.

Digital, Mobile Thinking

Mobile devices and tablet computers are changing the way we consume digital content. The boundaries of the television, desktop computer and laptop have been shattered by a whole new category of powerful devices. It should come as no surprise that most companies and even some pundits have been taken...

Change for the Better

Insights, Marketing Research

Sustainability is a term we’ve all heard used a lot lately in the press. While most often associated with environmental issues, the definition of sustainability goes beyond eco to include broader social issues, such as fair labor practices and other economic practices that impact production,...

Return to Handmade

Customer Focus, Marketing Research

In a backlash against consumer culture, people are demanding products as unique as they are.   “If you go to Gap or Banana Republic, you are getting the same thing that someone in England is buying, or someone in the next town is buying, or someone in Southeast Asia is buying. There is no...