2010 Issue 3


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Media Planning & Buying

Digital place-based media and maximizing return on ad spending. Running a TV ad in the supermarket aisle when the customer is finalizing their brand selection is a no brainer. Digital place based media, or in-store digital, was originally designed to be one further push for the consumer at the...

Innovate or Die


An Article About Neither The editorial calendar for Thinking is set six months in advance. Writing assignments are then tracked by the working title of the article. On Wednesday evening (when this article was originally due), our editor reminded me that I had passionately pitched the provocative...

The Reshaping of Market Segmentation

Advertising, Customer Focus

Segmentation is at the heart of every marketing strategy. Consumer market segmentation is viewed as a “best-in-class” practice across the marketing world. An entire industry has grown around segmentation and clustering products and tools (think shotguns and pickups). And there is a constant...

Changing Customer Perceptions

Advertising, Customer Focus

Tate & Lyle is one of the world’s leading providers of food ingredients. It literally supplies hundreds of different ingredients — such as sweeteners, starches, fiber and more — to leading food manufacturers such as Kraft and ConAgra. Most people who work in the food manufacturing...

Love the Like Button?

Social Media

On July 21, Facebook finally surpassed the 500-million member mark. According to some web traffic monitors, Facebook is currently beating Google as the most visited website in the United States. Facebook’s power as a marketing and advertising vehicle can no longer be questioned. Today, Facebook...