2008 Issue 3


Business Blogging


There are somewhere around 200 million blogs or weblogs online today. Some of these blogs are dormant, but many are alive with conversation. These conversations reach into every category of business and every aspect of life. Blogging can be fun and beneficial to your business. It can open you up...

Mobile Thinking

Marketing Research, Mobile Thinking

Mobile Marketing Mobile phones have long been a convenience for individuals; the ability to make phone calls, wherever and whenever the need (or in most cases, want) arises, has long been seductive to many. But as time and technology progress, the mobile phone is no longer just for making calls....

The College World Series Cinderella Story

Public Relations

Many people are still pinching themselves because 2008 turned out to be the year of the Cinderella Story – for both Fresno and Omaha. Even after 50+ years, Omaha leaders have never taken the event for granted. Although few could imagine it elsewhere, community leaders knew change was a...

Traditional Media

Marketing Research, Media Planning & Buying

It's time to retire that term. What is "traditional" media anyway? Technically, it's whatever existed before the advent of the Internet and the resultant explosion of new methods for reaching your target audience. So radio, out-of-home, print, newspaper and TV (both broadcast and cable) are all...

Defining the Antipreneur

Customer Focus, Insights

AN • TI • PRE • NEUR [AN-TEE-PRUH-NUR] Noun 1: A new breed of caring, sharing entrepreneurs who focus on marketing with a mission. 2: A person who is pro-business, but anti-big-company, preferring local, sustainable enterprises that balance work/home life. 3: Entrepreneurial activists...