The Keys to a Happy Creative and Media Marriage

March 25th, 2018

I’m a creative. But I love media. In fact, I previously co-led an interdisciplinary team that combined members from the digital, creative and media departments. To be successful in this ever-changing world, a healthy marriage of these disciplines is an absolute necessity. A creative idea is only as strong as the media that supports it. And a media buy can only be effective if the creative is both compelling and engaging.

So, what exactly are the keys to a happy creative–media marriage? It’s as simple as following these easy recommendations.

Start talking early. And often.
This may sound like a repeat, but it’s important. The earlier the creative and media teams get together, the better. The absolute worst possible outcome is a creative idea having to be retrofit into a media buy that doesn’t support it, or media trying to facilitate a creative concept in a buy for which it doesn’t make sense.

Research. Research. Research.
Every day, publishers and media companies are creating new and exciting ways to reach your target audience. Try to track, follow, anticipate and act upon new technologies and possibilities.

No role is more important than the other.
As with any relationship, it’s important to understand that both perspectives are equally important, and equally necessary.

Try a lot. See what sticks.
Trying new things can seem risky. But nobody ever exceeded expectations by doing what’s always been done. Try allocating part of the budget to something new, even if it’s small.

As a campaign wears on, don’t forget to work together to figure out new ways to optimize the work – new copy, imagery, targeting tactics or vendors. This greatly increases the ads’ effectiveness and performance.

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