Remembering Alyshia Samuelson, A True Bozeller Through and Through

October 29th, 2021

Many people have worked for Bozell in our 100-year history. As we’ve gone from being an agency of two newspapermen to a national and global name and then back to being independent, many great marketers of the past and present have Bozell somewhere on their resume.

Through all of the decades and the changes those decades brought, Bozell has maintained a distinct culture. It’s a culture that’s hard to sum up in one word but terms like “kind,” “genuine,” “humble,” “enthusiastic” and “adventurous,” are how we would describe the people who make up Bozell. And whether you’re here for a short time or a long time, you’re a Bozeller. You’re a part of our story as an alumnus who played a role in our long-tenured journey.

It’s with great sadness that we had to unexpectedly say goodbye to a true Bozeller in October. Alyshia Samuelson started working at Bozell in February. Though she had worked for Bozell for less than a year, it felt like she had been here longer because of the way she fit and excelled in her work. She instantly clicked with our teams. She demonstrated an enthusiasm for the clients she served and the projects she managed. She brought a solid work ethic to the table and brought us from start to finish on so many important projects. On several occasions, she was nominated for our internal company “Leo Award” for her hard work and even won in July.

She brightened up any room – whether it was a real room or a virtual one – and she was known for being the person who would always participate in our office social events. Oh, and she wore a lot of hats – figuratively speaking, in her role as project manager, and literally. She had many fantastic hats – from baseball caps and stocking hats to fashion-forward styles – that she would wear for virtual meetings.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Alyshia, and to the communities that she was a part of. We miss her. And we are all striving to be more like her. In doing so, we’ll maintain the Bozell culture that she lived out every day in her time with us.