A Day in the Life of…Joe the Intern

July 20th, 2011

So here I am again reflecting on the internship thus far. If you have been reading these reflections from the interns we seem to have the same things in common: we love it here.

This week’s reflection will be a little different from my last one. Jordan did us the honor of assigning us typefaces and I wanted to do something in a similar manner. So after serious thought and consideration I will be picking new careers for my fellow interns.

Jordan Becker is the best desk buddy to have around. I have the “privilege” of sitting next to him for 40 hours a week. I also have a tendency to call Jordan a diva, but I think that is the designer in him. I believe Jordan’s future career is talent scouting. His quick decision-making and judgments could easy make him the new Simon Cowell of our generation. His wittiness and sassiness could land him a spot on American Idol, America’s Got Talent or more likely, Project Runway. This kid has a craving for creativity, talent and for some reason glitter.

Rob is the driving force behind our Creating Captains project. Setting deadlines and keeping us on track is his job. However his future career is much different than an account executive position. Rob WILL be the new Barefoot Contessa. Rob does the perfect imitation of Barefoot Contessa and has a similar baking style: lots of butter. Good luck on your future Food Network baking show! You can come over and cook for me anytime.

On a side note, if there is ever a remake of Mean Girls, please cast Rob as Regina George. He doesn’t need a script because he already knows the lines.

Jen is a performer, simple as that. What she is doing in advertising, I have no idea. I can only assume that she is taking this approach to later star in commercials and radio spots. Spend five minutes with her and you can easily tell that she is meant for Broadway. Her side hobbies include writing songs about football camps and dancing. Get her autograph now before she becomes too famous. Aside from her future career as a performer I can only imagine Jen will own anywhere from 40-80 kittens.

Chelsea is a blast in a glass. It seems that every morning I have about four emails informing me of old, new and upcoming music trends. Chelsea definitely has a good taste for music. I believe that Chelsea would make a great music producer. Her love of music is so strong that she has decided to drag me to karaoke nights on Thursdays. Do not quote me on this, but I believe she is the first person to discover the new rage in music apps, Spotify.

No matter what career these people choose, they are going to be amazing at anything. To conclude, I would like to say that our intern Twitter account (@Bozell_Confess) is active and we have been “confessing” things on a daily basis! So please follow us to stay up to date on things that are happening around Bozell.