2019 Issue 3


What's Behind the Curtain?

Brand Management, Customer Focus, Insights

In The Wizard of Oz, it was simply understood that The Great And Powerful Oz was all-knowing and capable. Everyone just trusted that. But what happened when the curtain was lifted? They discovered a short, cowardly old man working some levers and living out a power trip. So what exactly was it that...

Bozeller on the Street

Customer Focus, Insights, Marketing Research

Whether it’s convenience, trust or simply the fear of missing out (FOMO), the fact is, most of us scroll to the bottom of an online agreement faster than you can say “send spam here.” And then we quickly click that little box: “I agree.” Why is this, you ask? One of the best ways to...

The Digital Hitchhiker

Brand Management, Customer Focus, Insights, Public Relations, Strategy & Planning

I would never pick up a hitchhiker. I know that person standing by the side of I-80 is probably just down on his luck. My conscience says he probably just needs a ride to Des Moines to get to the state fair. Or a lift to Dyersville to check out the Field of Dreams. But I’m sorry. I’m not...

Security vs. Convenience

Brand Management, Customer Focus, Digital, Insights, Strategy & Planning, Tips

We live in a connected world. True luxury is freedom, flexibility and time – aka convenience. Each point of connection between person to person, person to product and person to business are conduits of information. I remember the days when I had to memorize my name, address and home phone...

The FOMO Threshold

Brand Management, Customer Focus, Digital, Insights

The fear of missing out (otherwise known as FOMO) is a powerful psychological force. How many times have you made a decision simply because you were worried about the social implications of not being part of what was going on? Staying up late to binge a new show on Netflix so you could talk...