2019 Issue 1


The Overwhelmed Consumer

Advertising, Customer Focus, Insights

Our time is spread thin as we try to balance the stresses of work and the chaos of life. What little space we do have, when these activities aren’t vying for our attention, is used for catching our breath. In this issue of Thinking, we’ll take a peek into the overwhelming life of the consumer....

Avoid the Cookie Clutter Cliches

Advertising, Customer Focus, Insights, Marketing Research

Consumers today (also known as “audience,” “customers,” “target,” or just plain “people”) are overwhelmed. By the daily onslaught of news. By helpful tips on how to live a more fulfilling, healthy life. By the latest celebrity scandals. And, annoyingly (for our business), by...

Kill the Social Media Fairytale

Advertising, Customer Focus, Insights, Social Media

Years ago, my friend Dave packed his two kids in the car for their first day of elementary school. It was a bright and sunny Monday morning. The kids had fresh haircuts, bright smiles and new backpacks. They were ready to go. But there was one detail their dad didn’t account for: the first...

Clean-up on Aisle Everywhere

Advertising, Customer Focus, Insights, Marketing Research

I needed toothpaste. I drink iced tea night and day, so I wanted to try something different for whitening. As I stood in the toothpaste aisle at Target, I was so overwhelmed that I literally started laughing. The aisle was probably 30’ long, 6’ tall and both sides were loaded with options....

Bad Case of the FOMO

Advertising, Customer Focus, Insights

The fear of missing out – FOMO – is so widespread that you might only be reading this brief article because you can’t stand not being in the know. On one hand, good for you – knowledge is power. On the other, you probably have a long list of must-reads, so we’ll keep it simple. FOMO...

Embrace White Space

Advertising, Customer Focus, Digital, Insights

25 years ago, industry pundits told marketers their messaging was competing with about 8,000 other messages daily. That was a whole lot of clutter attacking us through billboards, radio, TV and all forms of print. We literally could not escape it. And then came electronics, which took us from...