2018 Issue 3


Open the Door to Personalization

Customer Focus, Insights, Marketing Research

Personalization has become so much more than having someone’s name in an email or direct mail piece. With the amount of data we’re now able to collect in regard to customer behavior, we’re capable of targeting our ideal customers more directly and effectively. We can basically deliver to them...

We're Drowning in Information but Starved for Insights

Customer Focus, Insights, Marketing Research

In general, the use of data has helped marketing relevance for both marketers and consumers in the last few years. But if you’re trying to create change in the marketplace, you can’t be lulled into thinking you have what you need to develop successful strategies. Because whether it’s...

Big Brother is Here

Digital, Insights

Thanks to George Orwell and his infamous “1984,” we have been paranoid for decades, convinced Big Brother will eventually control our lives and strip us of our freedom. In Orwell’s tome, the government watches your every move and even listens to your every conversation – maybe even...

1 of 2: The Perks of Personalization

Advertising, Customer Focus

The most beautiful sound in the world has almost nothing to do with music. Pavarotti has probably never sung it and birds have never chirped it. Eleanor Rigby, Polythene Pam and Mean Mr. Mustard are among the select few who ever heard it from The Beatles. Kanye only raps it to himself. No...

2 of 2: The Pits of Personalization

Advertising, Customer Focus

“Personalization in advertising.” It sounds so appealing; after all, I’m a strong advocate for starting with the audience when crafting an effective advertising message. But the way personalization is currently employed is disturbing, and often has the unintended effect of alienating...

How to Swoon Consumers as They Walk By

Advertising, Customer Focus, Digital, Marketing Metrics, Marketing ROI, Media Planning & Buying, Mobile Thinking

It’s no mystery to anyone on the planet that the smartphone has changed the way we interact with our world. It has the power to distract, but, moreover, the power to help. Consumers want more options, more interaction and more “smart” in their smartphone. This is where the physical web,...

Increasing Relevance Through Personalized Creative

Design, Digital, Media Planning & Buying

The right message. To the right person. At the right time. The advent of programmatic advertising and dynamic creative capabilities has markedly changed the online advertising landscape. But this change has also transformed the way in which we must think about and plan out online advertising...