2013 Issue 2


Augmented Reality


Enhance the customer’s experience using augmented reality. In today’s world of smartphones, tablets and social sharing, there always seems to be another tech trend of the week, month or year that everyone is talking about. Our phones are increasingly equipped with more cameras and sensors that...

Mommy & Media

Customer Focus, Digital, Insights

Which Media Outlets Are Better For Reaching On-the-go Moms? Most of us have heard that moms make the majority of the purchasing decisions of the household (a projected $2.4 trillion worth of decisions to be exact). This makes moms a very lucrative audience for marketers. But how does a brand or...

Free Goes Far


How the new First National Bank campaign produced big results. When America began its determined crawl out of the recession that began in 2008, the banking industry had been dealt a black eye. Many consumers blamed large financial institutions for the economic upheaval that cost many Americans...

Preparing Your Social Strategy

Customer Focus, Social Media

How to effectively promote your business using social outlets. In today’s economy, it is important for every business to be more cost effective. It is especially important for smaller businesses that have limited budgets. When marketing any company, goals need to be set. Along with the target...

Small Business. Big Data.

Customer Focus, Smartargeting

How small business can leverage data to improve their business. For years, large companies have had dedicated business intelligence departments to crunch data and glean insights that can help them maximize sales and optimize operations. But, for small businesses, working with big data has been out...