Two Very Different Takes on How to Respond to Environment Crisis in the Gulf of Mexico

July 27th, 2010

One is a typical star-studded montage. The other is a charity F-bomb-a-thon.

Restore the Gulf

UnF–k The Gulf

Neither spot is anything special creatively, but the star spot is little more than white noise. The other did take me off guard at first, but it made me listen. You may not like the language, in fact you may be completely offended by it, but I agree wholeheartedly with David Burn over at AdPulp in this post .

“Green messaging needs to evolve if it’s going to impact a larger segment of the American population. I salute UnFucktheGulf for bringing some righteous anger to the YouTube party and for understanding that t-shirts sell better than stand-alone issue-oriented outrage.”


  1. Looks like Women of the Storm (the group behind the celebrity Restore the Gulf campaign) is also using QR codes.

  2. Kim Mickelsen says:

    UPDATE: It appears Sandra Bullock wants out of the Restore the Gulf PSA