Advertising is about so
much more than advertising.
So we do all that, too.



October 28th, 2015

The Future of Computers is Wearable

Wearable usage will grow by nearly 60% this year. That’s an impressive number considering that just a couple short years… Read More

October 26th, 2015

What’s the Newest in Marketing to Emotions?

It’s interesting to me that the words “emotion”, “marketing” and “customers” are finding themselves together in what seems to be… Read More

September 10th, 2015

Jared Fogle, You Didn’t Just Let Subway Down

Subway was very smart. When they realized that a kind of nerdy, overweight college kid used their food to lose… Read More

September 8th, 2015

Building Brand Loyalty – No Longer about “Keeping up with the Joneses”

Are the Joneses feeling overlooked these days?   The 2nd-quarter issue of our newsletter, THINKING, leads off with this article:… Read More

July 26th, 2015

The Heartbeat of Innovation -

Do you feel that pulse?! It may be the bias of my passion for the marketing and advertising business that… Read More


We believe anything is possible. Big, bold ideas, executed flawlessly, can truly transform companies, markets and change conventions.

When you’ve been around since 1921, you pretty much see it all. We’ve been a two-person shop and the 8th largest agency in the world. In the meantime, coming up with legendary ideas like “Pork, The Other White Meat” and the Milk Mustache Campaign. But we’re not about to stop there.

Advertising is about so much more than advertising. So we do all that, too.

We call ourselves an advertising and branding agency, so it’s safe to say we do those things really well. But we also do a lot of other things really well too. You want an uber-complicated web application to manage your company’s content? Check. You want data collection to build a super-targeted campaign? Check. You want an ice-cold beer? Check. We’re Bozell. We’re good at a lot of things and we have fun doing them. See everything we do ».

Founded in the roaring 20s.
And still roaring.

Flappers were doing the Charleston and two newsmen were starting one of the first advertising agencies in the Midwest. Founded in 1921 by Leo Bozell and Morris Jacobs, Bozell started as two guys in a single-room office writing promotions to protect a private energy company from the threat of public power.  By 1960, Bozell & Jacobs had offices all around the world, serving clients from Mercury Autos to Mutual of Omaha. But that’s just the beginning. Read more about our history ».

Communicators, innovators, motivators and mind-blowers wanted.

At Bozell, we believe that great ideas aren’t made in a bubble. They’re made in a collaborative environment where anyone and everyone is encouraged to chip in. Which is why every person within our walls plays a key role in getting great results for our clients. So if you’re an idea machine, or want to become one, we might be the perfect place for you. See our current openings ».

“Pay rent for the space
we occupy on this earth.”

That’s a quote from one of our founders, Morris Jacobs. Bozell has a 90-year tradition of giving back to our community. Which is why we encourage our employees to be actively engaged in the city they live in. Whether it’s donating time, talent or money, Bozell and everyone that works here is dedicated to making this world a better place. Read more »


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