March 23rd, 2015

Kim Mickelsen

Is your site mobile ready?

Mobile first has gone from popular buzzword to crucial business strategy as Google updates its algorithm to increase rankings for mobile-friendly sites.

Starting April 21, Google’s changes could have significant impact on your mobile search rankings. If your site is mobile-friendly, expect to see an improvement. Sites that aren’t mobile-friendly will see a drop.

Because Google knows that redesigning a site will take a larger budget than most companies have, they are willing to accept page-by-page fixes. So for now, Google is ranking pages on a page-by-page basis rather than site-wide, and it’s doing its part to improve the mobile experience by rewarding the best pages in search results.

So what does this change mean for you exactly? In short, if your website is not mobile-friendly, meaning your site is not responsive to different screen sizes, properly configured and able to be viewed on multiple device types, your site could be penalized in search rankings. All the valuable SEO your site has currently could be for naught if your site isn’t viewable on a mobile device.

Why is this happening now?

The reasoning for this update is simple. 2014 was a tipping point in that over half of web traffic in the US now occurs on mobile devices. As the world moves to mobile and more and more of our lives occur in a handheld device, it is critical that websites are able to keep up. By rewarding those sites which are mobile friendly, Google is continuing to shape the digital landscape.


More people are consuming content through 4.5-inch screens rather than 15+ inch monitors, a major shift that will gain speed in coming years. As big as it is now, the mobile revolution is still ahead of us.

What Are We Doing on Mobile?

How do consumers use mobile devices to access the Web? According to Online Publishers Association/Frank N. Magid Associates:

  • 99.5 percent access content/information
  • 63.1 access the Internet
  • 62.1 percent check email
  • 49.2 percent listen to music
  • 46 percent play games
  • 41.7 percent download and use apps
  • 15 percent make purchases
  • 15 percent read a book

Shift to Mobile Impacts B2B Significantly

If you imagine that the mobile usage is merely a reflection of consumers logging onto social media, checking email or conducting search, or shopping, think again.

Executives lead the way in mobile adoption, validating the theory that digital assets for a business or brand must serve target audiences 24/7, and not just during business hours. Executives rely upon mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) to conduct business research more frequently in the evenings than any other time of day.


B2B Decision-Makers Rely on Mobile Devices

Mobile is preferred over the PC for executives conducting research during and after office hours, according to the IDG Global Mobile Survey 2014.

  • 92 percent of executives own a smartphone used for business.
  • 77 percent of executives use their smartphone to research a product or service for their business.
  • 93 percent of executives will purchase that product via the Internet using a laptop or desktop.
  • 86 percent use their tablet and 72 percent of executives use their smartphone to conduct research for products or services for their business.


How Do You Know If Your Site Is Mobile Friendly?

Before you fret too much, you need to determine whether your site is at risk. To determine whether your website is currently being deemed “mobile friendly” by Google, there are two simple tests to run.

mobile-ready1. Check your site’s SERP appearances in a mobile browser. You may have already noticed that mobile-friendly tags are included in certain search results within Google searches on mobile devices. If your site shows up there, your site is already mobile friendly and you don’t have anything to worry about.

2. Run your site through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Simply enter your URL into the grader. You can also check the Mobile Usability Report within your Google Webmaster Tools account for additional details on mobile compatibility issues across your site.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.40.03 AMGoogle provides a 60+ page guide that discusses why and how to build a mobile-friendly website. There are dedicated guides for several open-source CMS platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.), as well as a specific guide to mobile SEO, with special emphasis on avoiding common mistakes.

If you need help, give us a call.

March 13th, 2015


Robin Donovan Participating in a Panel of Business Entrepreneurs at the Creative Center

Bozell President Robin Donovan will be part of a panel of business entrepreneurs in a Campaign Management class in the BFA program at the Creative Center. The panel discussion will take place on Friday, April 24. Members of this panel will give a brief outline of how they started their business, and then answer questions from the class.

Robin is the president at Bozell. She began her career at Bozell more than 15 years ago, serving as vice president of media and then becoming partner in charge of media. In 2001, she was part of the four-person executive group that bought Bozell back from Interpublic. Prior to joining Bozell, Robin managed all media for the Connecticut, Chicago, San Francisco and Baltimore offices of BrannBlau. Robin brings vast knowledge and client management experience to the partnership. She has spent the past 25+ years helping clients to maximize value. As a graduate of the University of Connecticut, Robin served on the board of the Connecticut Ad Club and the Business Marketing Association. She is also a published author having written the murder mystery, Is It Still Murder Even If She Was a Bitch?

March 5th, 2015

Laura Spaulding

Bozell Wins Multiple Awards at American Advertising ADDY Awards

picCreative marketing communications firm Bozell received several industry awards at the 2015 American Advertising ADDYs Awards Banquet, which took place in Lincoln on Saturday, Feb. 21.

Bozell was awarded four Professional Silver ADDY awards for its work with Storz Brewing Company, Nebraska Shakespeare and College World Series of Omaha, Inc. Two awards won in the category of sales promotion with other awards in the categories of advertising for the arts and sciences and non-traditional advertising.

“We’re always proud when Bozell’s hard work is recognized at the ADDYs Awards,” said Kim Mickelsen, Bozell chief executive officer. “Our team has tremendous talent, and it’s a great feeling to see that acknowledged by our industry peers.”

The American Advertising Awards is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, attracting over 40,000 entries every year in local AAF Club (Ad Club) competitions. The mission of the American Advertising Awards competition is to recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising.

January 15th, 2015

Laura Spaulding

Bozell Announces New Media Director

SONY DSCBozell, a creative marketing communications firm, announces the hire of Tracy Koeneke as media director. Koeneke brings more than 10 years of agency experience with clients in the banking, education, automotive and restaurant industries. As media director, she will plan, execute and monitor strategic media plans. Koeneke graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Read More

December 22nd, 2014

Laura Spaulding

Bozell Announces New Hires and Staff Promotion

Bozell, a creative full-service agency, announces the promotion of Nathan Anderson and the hire of two employees to account service and interactive. Read More

December 19th, 2014

David Moore

In Memoriam – Tim Sickinger

Tim-SickingerWe are saddened to share the news of the passing of Tim Sickinger on Tuesday, December 9th. He was preceded in death by three days by his wife of 54 years, Susie.

Tim was General Manager of Bozell Omaha from 1987 until 1997.

He was a product of the last of the old-school “Mad Men” era of advertising, putting in more than 20 years with Ogilvy & Mather in New York and London before bringing his considerable charm and talents to Omaha, where we needed him most. Read More

December 11th, 2014

Laura Spaulding

Bozell Wins Multiple PRSA Nebraska Paper Anvil Industry Awards

Creative marketing communications firm Bozell received multiple industry awards at the 2014 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Nebraska Paper Anvil Awards Gala on Wednesday. Read More

December 4th, 2014

Laura Spaulding

Bozell Adds Three New Staff Members

Bozell, a full-service advertising and public relations agency, announced the appointment of three new employees to account service, interactive and internal divisions. Read More

November 19th, 2014

Laura Spaulding

Bozell Digital Team Launches Educational iOS App

Bozell Digital Team Launches Educational iOS App to Help Students
Learn Science from Scientists through Science Explorer by Visionlearning

IMG_0028Bozell, a full-service advertising and public relations agency, created a new iOS app for its client, Visionlearning. “Science Explorer by Visionlearning” is an educational app with science-focused content for high school and undergraduate level students.

The Bozell in-house digital team constructed the app, which is now available in the Apple App Store. Read More

November 14th, 2014

Laura Spaulding

Bozell Grows Workforce by Four

Bozell, a creative marketing communications firm, grows its workforce by announcing the hire of four staff members including financial project management and creative positions. Read More