Summer Fridays

August 28th, 2017

There was nothing happier than summer vacation when you were a kid. Except Summer Fridays as an adult.

Bloomberg published an article in June titled “Summer Fridays are all the Rage This Year,” but having been in the advertising business for more than a decade, I can tell you, this is not new. Agencies have been doing this for years.

Entrepreneur once said “Back in the 1960s, advertising agencies in New York began noticing a dip in employee productivity on Fridays during the summer months when the hot summer sun caused people to shift into weekend mode before the workweek was over.”

There is probably something to that. But more than that, I think Summer Fridays, at least at Bozell, are about morale. People are thrilled to have an “extra” three hours on a Friday. People use it in a million ways – from getting a jump-start on weekend errands to starting happy hour a little early. But no matter how we choose to use that time, it is further proof that our owners care about our work/life balance.

We are a family at Bozell. And together, we work hard. We get a lot done. And we ensure our clients are taken care of at all times. We know that advertising and public relations never sleep – we have social media and 24-hour news cycles to thank for that. And we have chosen this life. But we have found that if we work hard enough, and keep our clients informed of our schedule, that we can take a little time to play hard too. This keeps us as employees happy, in addition to keeping our clients happy.

So as our Summer Fridays come to an end for 2017, I am going to use this last one the best way I know how … by having a margarita with my coworkers at Maria’s.