I Scream, You Scream

August 10th, 2017

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Bozell Internships. Right? Yo, I’m Cathryn, Bozell’s art direction intern. In true creative fashion, they told me five weeks ago to choose a sandwich, and I waited until the day before deadline for inspiration to strike. And even then, I decided to illustrate before writing.

Despite my deeply embedded bad habits, Bozell has sprinkled me with lessons I took to heart. I’ve chosen an ice cream cookie sandwich to properly demonstrate these lessons.

You might look at this delectable sandwich and think, “Those are two desserts, just friggin’ pick one.” But I didn’t. I wanted both. I did the same when picking a major at Mizzou. I decided to double major in advertising and graphic design. My problem since has been that my education has kept those two separate. One of my main goals with this internship was to figure out which way I wanted to lean in my career and to see how different they really were. I’ve learned that they can be separate, but are better together. You’re a better art director if you know design and you’re a better designer if you’re confidently able to be an art director.

To be honest, I primarily chose this sandwich because I’d like to eat one. However, I wanted to leave my internship better equipped to not make decisions off personal “taste.” Mizzou has driven home “concept over tactic”, but I felt like I needed more experience applying that to strategic campaigns. From my first day, I’ve been thrown in the mix on existing projects and responsible for others from concept to production. I feel infinitely more confident in my campaign work as I leave Bozell.

It’s been a melty summer treat. I was feeling burnt out as my double major extended my stay in college. I was worried that I wasn’t just dreading school, but advertising itself. I think Bozell was exactly what I needed to be re-energized as I finally approach graduation. I’ve had a lot of fun, and I’ve been excited to show up and get work done. Bozell is a great place to be with great people to work with. I’m more excited than ever to jump into my career after graduation.