Ad Council. It’s Kind of a Big Deal.

April 4th, 2017

Bozell recently got a shout out in AdWeek for work that we did on several Ad Council initiatives back in the day. The AdWeek article was honoring 75 years of Ad Council campaigns. Being a nerd for the history of Bozell, I had to know what we worked on. I mean Ad Council has been able to spearhead dozens of iconic campaigns. Like Smokey the Bear, Crash Test Dummies, Keep America Beautiful/The Crying Indian, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk”, and one of our PR guy’s favorite, “Loose Lips Sink Ships”.

So I started investigating and found a list of advertising partnerships that the Ad Council had with 174 agencies between 1941 and 1997. The list was created by the Ad Council’s New York office and is a list of all campaign materials they have on file. According to this list, Bozell worked on the following:

  • In 1974 and 1975, we created print ads, posters, outdoor boards, radio spots, and transit and bus shelters encouraging people to volunteer in their communities.
  • In 1976 through 1988, we worked on posters, magazine and newspaper ads, tv and radio spots, outdoor boards and more for United Way.
  • In 1986, when we merged with Kenyon & Eckhardt, we joined the fundraising efforts for the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation creating TV and radio spots, print ads, outdoor boards and more. NYTimes did a great piece on this work back in 1994.
  • In late 1990 into early 1991, we promoted energy efficiency initiatives through radio, TV and newspaper ads.
  • From 1994 through 1996, because our then-president, Chuck Peebler, served on their board, we created magazine and newspaper ads, radio and TV spots, business press materials, outdoor boards and promotional materials/collateral for the Junior Achievement.
  • And finally, in 1997, we produced radio and TV spots declaring the value of math and science.

I am sure there were more partnerships with the Ad Council over the years but I was pretty excited to have this list as a start.