H&H Kia is always trying to reach out to a younger audience, as that is the Kia manufacturer target, specially since the Kia Sportage came out. So we needed to come up with videos that would live both on TV and online, help H&H appeal to that younger audience, and subsequently increase the number of new cars sold,.

We created a series of monthly TV and online videos/spots that broke out against the norm of car dealership ads. In these videos, we featured “talking” vehicles. Those vehicles bantered back and forth and announced the monthly deals going on at H&H Kia. The dialogue (or monologue) was playful and silly, helping us appeal to that younger audience.

Overall, this approach was deemed very successful. Online our CTR was 2.38 percent (compared to the industry standard of 1.49 percent) and our completion rate for a :30 video was 37 percent (compared to the industry standard of 19 percent). More importantly, total foot traffic and new car sales were up significantly year-over-year.