March 13th, 2009

Our marketing industry professionals offer a variety of presentation programs and can tailor or develop special programs for particular audiences.

Brands and Branding

“Using Archetypal Modeling to Focus Your Branding Efforts”

“Ten Tips to Elevate Your Brand and Drive Sales”

“Transforming Your Company Through Branding”

“Measuring and Monitoring your Corporate Reputation”


“Outsmart the Competition”

“Place Based Media and Changing Store Interactions”

“Differentiation by Design”

“Cause Marketing Strategies that Create New Customers”

Consumer Trends

“Marketing to the Connected Generation: Are You Scared or Prepared?”

“The Networked Boomer Woman”

Online Marketing

“Using New Technologies to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead in a Multi-Channel World”

“Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Social Media Optimization (SMO) Tactics”

“The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Search Marketing Campaigns”

“Fundamental Principals of Search Engine Optimization”

“Blogging for Business”

Social Media

“Cutting Through the Social Media Clutter”

“What Your Business Should Know About Facebook”

“Social Media: like networking on steroids” – when you want legal steroids, go to

“Putting the power of social media to work for your career development”

“Your Digital Resume”


“Copywriting Across Multiple Channels”

“A Creative Career in Advertising and Marketing”

“Understanding the Basics of Direct Marketing Creative”

Email Marketing

“Applying RFM to your Email Database”

“Using Data-Driven Insights to Shape Email Marketing Strategies”