To the Next Interns

August 13th, 2018

Dear New Interns,

Bozell is full of incredibly talented people who know their stuff, and you get to work alongside them. We know you’re going to do great work and learn a ton, so let’s get you up to speed fast. Here are some things we, the interns of yesteryear, have discovered.

Don’t be afraid to ask anything. People are super friendly and helpful, so don’t be shy. Nobody will look down on you for asking questions. Something that surprised us is how easy it is to chat with an executive or owner – nobody has a big ego here.

Acronyms to know. EOD means end of day (usually a deadline). OOO means out of office. AE is account executive, while PM is a project manager. CLR is the Creative Living Room (the open area with all the couches).

Agency life is chaotic, yet collaborative. Prepare yourself, because this isn’t an internship where you sit around and watch. A lot of hands-on work will be thrown at you (stay positive even if you’re a little freaked out). On any given project, you’re not the only person working, so ask someone for help. You’re surrounded by like-minded, creative people, so use that to your advantage. Collaborating is better than thinking by yourself, and it’s how the best ideas are made.

Old projects are helpful. You can look around on the shared drive for past work, or ask to be added to archived Basecamp projects.

Who does what? What you’ve learned in school about agencies might be out of date. It took us a while to figure out what our role actually means on a day-to-day basis. Ask around to learn what each department does and who is a good go-to. Or check out the Bozell bios online to learn names and faces.

Avoid Captain Jack (the meeting room) on a hot day. You’ll find out why soon enough.

Give context. If you’re asking for help on a project, fill that person in with the background first. Likewise, if you’re emailing out your work, explain what you did and why. It’s always better to over-explain than under-explain.

Have fun! Bozellers are known to get work done quickly, but they also have a ton of fun. So enjoy your summer at Bozell, and all the amazing perks that go along with it.

The 2018 Summer Interns
Carter, Molly, Noah, Sarah and Aubrey