Timid Women, DOVE Chocolate says “No chocolate for you!”

February 8th, 2019

© DOVE Chocolate

I have seen DOVE Chocolates’s new commercial, which implies that three guys are buying gifts at the same time and place for the same woman. The spot then cuts to said woman eating DOVE Chocolate. What I did not comprehend was that this is DOVE’s way of celebrating “bold” women.

As a woman who some have accused of being bold, this in no way represents my definition of how a bold woman would or should behave.

I define bold as a woman who is outspoken when necessary, who can be aggressive when the situation calls for it. To me a bold woman is one who may, at times, be capable of taking others by surprise.

I shudder to think that DOVE Chocolate considers one definition of a bold woman to be someone who is duplicitous and hurtful to others. Maybe they’re confusing bold with bitch?

I’m also wondering what kind of man is qualified to eat this chocolate – if any.