This Article Contains Opinions of a Graphic Nature

February 17th, 2020

Frida Mom makes products that help you care for your new baby and for yourself, post-delivery. In their words, “Babies are cute. Parenting isn’t always. For all those perfect moments, there’s Instagram. For everything else, we’ve got you.” Need a tool to get the stubborn snot out of your baby’s nose? They’ve got you. Suffer from serious pain, postpartum? They’ve got plenty of things to help. From a branding perspective, they absolutely know who they are and who their audience is.

Never heard of them? Wish you had? You aren’t alone. Advertising is often nonsense. When you have a solution to a true problem, it is incredibly hard to get the word out. Postpartum pain is one of those cultural nonstarters. The recovery pain that you might go through can be excruciating and hiding solutions to that pain seems cosmically cruel.

That’s why social media exploded when the Oscars decided not to air Frida Mom’s commercial because it was “too graphic.” People were deeply dismayed at the lack of compassion and the well of irony this decision conjures. The Academy wants to celebrate expression, truth and art. Movies are curated cures for the anathema of the daily human condition. Let’s celebrate Joker, but the ads should be SFW.

To be clear, the Academy isn’t technically wrong (and this is likely a combined decision with ABC). The commercial contains partial nudity. It is graphic and painful to watch. And obviously, that’s the point. And contrary to the Academy’s position to distance the ad from their purview, Frida has since received much more national press and attention than just running the ad proper might have brought. Maybe. We’ll die not knowing. But the truth is out there, on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. Even though it’s not pretty.

Here’s the ad: