Reddit: Give It an Upvote

November 21st, 2016


To an unfamiliar user, Reddit can be disorienting.

It’s not the most visually pleasing, content seems to spill from every crevice of the site and the organization feels jumbled. Spend a bit of time, however, and you’ll see why Reddit continues to be a bustling webpage.

The “upvote” and “downvote” system means that consumers can vote the most interesting content to the top of the page and ignore less engaging posts. Subreddits organize content by topic and allow users to find a conversation on almost anything, whether it be a television show, political news or baby animals.

For advertisers, what first appears to be a mess of information can offer a platform for interacting with consumers, advertising with sponsored links and hosting discussions.

With 8.19 billion monthly page views, successful posts have the potential for massive bursts of traffic.

Survey your surroundings before you post, though. A poorly researched and presented post could be met with significant backlash, considering that many users are “anti-marketing.” Become a part of the community and learn your demographic before engaging with consumers.reddit2


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