Purchasing Media and Artificial Intelligence

March 25th, 2018

Artifical Intelligence is weaving its way into everything we do. AI like Alexa, Siri and Bixby have been integrated into everything from our phones to appliances and now vehicles. These AIs are getting smarter each day, learning our preferences and responding to our questions.

Media buying and purchasing is no exception. Marketers can leverage these AI learnings and create opportunities to interact with customers. For example:

As marketers, we have the opportunity to assist customers in completing these tasks.

Creative teams start by ensuring that product names are easy for customers to say and voice assistants to understand/repeat back.

Media teams then work hand in hand with creative and development teams to use the skill-development kits available to integrate into the AI channels.

Media teams can also reach out through connections to the AI corporations to secure integrated placements. There are ways to be integrated at no cost, and, similar to search, there are opportunities to pay to get customers to say the brand.

We have the opportunity to focus on simplicity and make our clients and brands easier to be recommended, utilized and accessed by current and prospective customers. AI shouldn’t be scary, but rather embraced as an opportunity to help us succeed.

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