Marketing by Behavior in Paid, Owned and Earned Media

March 25th, 2018

We’ve all heard of paid, earned and owned channels and how each is relevant. Yet, in today’s world, we actively use these channels simultaneously, often without realizing it.

It all starts with behaviors.

Behaviors provide marketers with smarter and more efficient ways to reach and talk to our customers.

Paid media uses audience behavior to be in front of consumers within their moment of need or want. For example, HGTV.com is a natural tie-in for products and services to reach a captive audience in the mindset to update their homes.

Owned channels use behavior to interact with customers – on social channels or through the company website – to create unique content, make personal recommendations or improve relationships.

Earned media, though we can’t control what someone (local news, influencer, etc.) will say, uses behavior insights to guide discussions and build referrals.

Behaviors can help us recognize users across devices and channels. Incorporating those behaviors helps us eliminate some of the guess work and turn our paid, earned and owned into more relevant channels.

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