Five Steps to Plan a Better Campaign with Your Media Buyer

March 25th, 2018

Imagine your media buyer as the guardian of your media budget, put in place to protect you and get you the most efficient buy for the least amount of money. Working with us ensures that the campaign will run without a hitch and meet its goals. Here are a few steps to make planning with your media buyer successful.

1. Introduce your media buyer into the planning process from the beginning. Media placement can impact the types of creative needed for a campaign, so involving the media buyer early on can provide valuable learnings and help avoid surprising costs, going over budget, and disappointment.

2. If creative is leading the recommendation, it is imperative that creative and media talk. Media can provide capabilities you may not have known were available. We can also help determine the most efficient costs. Without this insight, you could end up spending money on producing something cool that you can’t use.

3. While media buyers are wizards at negotiating, please don’t assume that everything is free. Always tell your buyer what goals and objectives you have. Media will research, leverage relationships and try to get you the best costs to meet the goal.

4. Media buyers are masters at research (aka, secret hackers). We have in-depth knowledge of media channels and audience behaviors. We can tell you the who, what, where and why of what people watch, see, hear and do. Use us as a resource.

5. Remember that ads won’t be seen without a media buy. Wonderful creative is great, but, without a plan for media, no one will see it.

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