There’s No ‘I’ In Team

September 21st, 2017

In the world of social media, collaboration is key.You can’t start or scale a social program without the dedicated support and expertise of your fellow social collaborators, including agency partners and clients.

That’s why we’re proud to be part of Sprout’s Agency Partner Program, a group of agencies dedicated to driving success for our clients through social efforts. Not only does this program offer a great opportunity to connect with fellow social marketers, we’re able to join Partner Broadcasts, learning and sharing knowledge across industries.

With collaboration in mind, we were thrilled to co-present today’s broadcast, which focused on developing teamwork and actionable workflows helping foster relationships with clients. Several key insights we shared included:

  • “Push” Collaboration
    • Whether via emails or through a social management tool like Sprout, develop a workflow that allows you to send reminders to clients and an efficient way to publish and approve content. 
    • Like Ferris  Bueller (might) have said, “Social moves pretty fast.” Make sure you and your team have a way to move with it.
  • Client Permissions
    • Don’t inundate a client with too much information that doesn’t add any value. In Sprout, we’re able to select appropriate approval and visibility settings to help clients (without adding the extra headache of figuring out what all the information means). 
  • Make Reporting Work for You
    • Reporting is a crucial piece of social collaboration. If you don’t measure your efforts, how do you scale future opportunities?
    • Social successes need to be communicated and shared with clients. Automating your social reports and providing actionable context will allow you and your team to get to the next level and stay ahead of future client asks. 
If you can’t tell, Bozell loves Sprout Social, and two members of our Communications Team have even become Sprout Certified. Seriously. (We’ll be sharing more on that later!)

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