Sponsored Tweets. Really?

July 13th, 2009

On July 20th 2009 Tweeters will have their conversations sponsored through a platform called IZEA.  These 200 people are estimated to reach more than 1 million people.

The cost per tweet (CPT) will run an advertiser between $2 and $30,000 per tweet for a 140 character message.  About 5% of the 200 tweeters are celebs.  Every link is 100% trackable with the integration of Google Analytics. 

Twitter again is getting the raw end of the deal because they won’t make a dime off of this model.  Everyone else is making money off of Twitter except for the company itself.  I think this could potentially be a lucrative model, but if I were Twitter I would find a way to get a cut from this and everyone else.  I guess that’s the beauty of technology though. 

I want to know what the Twitter Universe thinks about this possible new CPT model introducing advertisers on their turf.  Will it affect your overall experience with Twitter?  

Let me know your thoughts.