Social Distancing for Social People (and Others)

March 13th, 2020

As an expressive extrovert who rarely turns down a chance to spend time with friends and family, it crushes my soul a little to think there will be no hugs and high fives during these uncertain times of Coronavirus. (Though I know it secretly makes my introverted friends very happy.)

But the problem is, we can’t simply ban these acts of affection. People like me are still happy to see a friend, or excited when a coworker nails an ad, or sad to see someone leave. And our natural reaction is to do SOMETHING with that emotional build-up. So, what we’ve done at Bozell is come up with alternatives. Safer, germ-free, stay-in-your-own-bubble, don’t-actually-touch-me-please-k-thanks-bye alternatives. Alternatives that will leave both the intro- and extroverts satisfied.

Now you might recognize a few of these, and some might be new to you (‘cause we literally just made it up), but all of them will come in handy.

(No pun intended.)