Scott Rowe Speaking on the University of Nebraska Kearney Campus on March 30, 2012

March 30th, 2012

Scott Rowe is presenting a review of the Westlake Ace Hardware Zombie Campaign at his alma mater. He will explain how Bozell leveraged a cultural trend to connect with a new, hard-to-reach target audience. He will discuss the initial research and campaign rationalization as well as the process of how the creative idea came to be.

Scott will also explain both the public relations tactics and the consumer-facing marketing tactics, such as social media, web-based content, videos and in-store signage. He will present how the campaign was able to grow organically and drive awareness with over 70 million message impressions across 142 different countries.

As Bozell’s partner in charge of digital marketing, Scott creates online marketing features that transform his clients’ ability to interact with and engage their audiences. His solutions have maximized digital dialogues for clients such as Mooney Aircraft, Timex and M&M Mars.

As Bozell’s partner in charge of digital marketing, Scott helps clients to not only identify their business and marketing problems, but determine the most effective means of solving them digitally. His marketing solutions are primarily focused on data analysis, email and mobile marketing, SEO and more. He is commonly referred to as a true analytic but he knows that data is only the foundation of a strong solution.

During his tenure with Bozell, Scott has worked with a variety of clients such as Right at Home, Creative Marketing, MooneyAircraft, Presbyterian Health and CARSTAR just to name a few.

If you are unable to attend the event but would like to learn more about the Westlake Ace Hardware campaign, please click here.