Recycled and Original

March 8th, 2009

As a firm believer of recycling and being as green as possible in every aspect of living, I loved this posting on one of my favorite package design websites: . Cleveland College of Art & Design Surface Design department created mini portfolios out of existing screen printing materials.

“Robert Page has had the pleasure of working alongside Cleveland College of Art & Design’s prestigious Surface Design department, to create a promotional document which would enable the department to promote 36 students and two course, and create a ‘wow’ factor amongst its recipients.

The process involved a number of complex sourcing and research methods which led to a unique and tactile product to distribute to selected key industry figures at at the high profile Indigo event in Paris.”

The final result consisted of 420 different designs on the outer folders, due to an inclusive process where all 36 students actively took part to form a large production line creating the final folders, recycling and using the existing studios screens that had been created throughout the courses final year.

I love how they used existing screens and variations on the patterns to create truly original work for all 36 portfolios. YUMMY!


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