Raising the Bottom Line

July 13th, 2010

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Omaha is the largest NGO social services provider in Nebraska, serving a population of approximately a million people of all faiths in the 23 counties which compose the Archdiocese.

The work that Catholic Charities performs isn’t flashy or glamorous – working with the hungry, addicted, abused, voiceless or forgotten – but the services offered to thousands of children, families, individuals and seniors are essential to the health and strength of the communities served.

Catholic Charities depends on the compassion and generosity of a significant number of contributors to fund and fulfill its mission – donors, volunteers and partners.

Like many charitable organizations, Catholic Charities makes an annual financial appeal aimed at both its current supporters and new supporters. Such communications must create immediate relevancy and spur action with donors and potential donors that are often geographically separated from where the social services are offered, may not be aware of the breadth of services offered by Catholic Charities, are inundated with requests for donations and, in every effort to make sure funding is used to serve those most in need, do not receive purchased messaging from Catholic Charities with any sustained frequency.

Bozell worked with Catholic Charities to create the theme of “Ourmaha,” obviously a play on the Omaha name, with design and messaging elements to quickly drive significance with the recipient that a great community like Omaha takes the work of everyone regardless of where you live or work.

The request was made via a targeted direct-mail request and, thanks to the generosity of many of our media partners, was supported with both discounted and public service television, radio, out-of-home and online advertising broadcast in the brief and cluttered time between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The 30-second animated spot shared here was produced inexpensively and, in addition to airing approximately 300 times, has been re-used as an educational and promotional piece by Catholic Charities on its website, in social media and in public presentations.

The campaign was a success, with an approximate 600% return on investment, raising much needed funds for Catholic Charities’ vital mission, and in addition, was re-purposed throughout the following year in new awareness and educational materials.