Claire Blann

Assistant Media Buyer

Before swiping right on Bozell, Claire was busy saying “bye, bye” to industries like banking and television news production. Sorry, guys, but you’re just not her type.

Thankfully, Bozell made the cut. And we’re glad we did, because this Creighton grad’s ample customer-service experience makes her the perfect assistant media buyer. By thinking customer-first, she helps our clients’ find where and when their ads will have the most impact. We hope to keep her around for a while, but we’ll have to work to keep her away from her first love – Berlin, Germany – and subway escalators. (Bad experience. Shoe stuck. Angry protestors were involved.)

Needless to say, Claire’s come a long way since making “weed money” in her hometown of Newton, Kansas. While we’re happy she landed here, her dad is still looking for someone to pull the weeds in his office’s flowerbed.