Intern Confessions

July 25th, 2012

Bozell’s Grand Prix 

Many wonder what it takes to get accepted into the Bozell Summer Internship program. When applying it is important to complete all of the following (trust me, I’m an intern):

  • Have a killer resume to show your experience
  • Write a captivating cover letter to show your personality
  • List related and completed courses to show what you know
  • Compile the perfect portfolio to show your skills
  • Answer essays to show how you think
  • Get a letter of recommendation to show that someone actually believes in you
  • And most important of all…hone your Mario Kart skills to show the world that you’re better than the other interns because how you handle the 64 bit racers is the most important measuring stick of one’s abilities…obviously.

Sure, at Bozell you will work with real clients, write briefs, think strategically and come up with creative ideas over the 12 summer weeks, but the staple to any great internship here is how you fair in the daily Mario Kart challenges. 

So blow into that game cartridge, grab your three-handled controller and select your player from the list of this summer’s interns as we race down the course towards the 2012 Bozell Internship Cup.

Ryan Cromley – Luigi

Along with the shared tall and lanky body frame, both Ryan and Luigi march to the beat of their own drum. Stepping out of the shadow cast by the mainstream “Mario” types both have embraced a very unique personality much different than what’s expected. That original cowardly younger brother persona is long gone as neither are afraid to take risks in their efforts of achieving gold. All Cromley needs now is a big green hat and that manly plumber mustache.

Tara Grieser – Yoshi

Nobody is entirely sure what exactly Yoshi is much like how none of us can quite figure out Tara. All we know for sure is that they both have a variety of abilities that make them very different from all other characters: they both come in a variety of wild colors, make the strangest sounds and aren’t afraid to extend their tongues at opponents. All jokes aside, Tara is extremely loyal and will help out in anyway – as long as she has secured first place of course.

Lauren Naughton – Princess Peach

The similarities between Lauren and Peach go beyond the fancy clothes and golden blonde hair. Both are very kind natured and generally well-mannered but don’t let either of these innocent figures fool you. They can be aggressive and get it done when it comes down to crunch time. With a “take that” attitude, these princesses can handle the pressure as they smoke past the competition — and still look good doing it.


Christine Dunn – Toad

Christine showed up at Bozell earlier than any of the other interns and like Toad does with the Nintendo gang, she showed the rest of us the ropes. After wrapping up their own responsibilities both Christine and Toad quickly take up a supporting role and try to help out in any way possible during adventures. While occasionally overlooked (sorry Christine!), they both have their fair share of heroic acts and can easily zoom away to steal the show.

Alexandra Nguyen – Mario

It’s hard to imagine a race without Mario vying for first, much like it’s hard to imagine this summer without Alex around. Back in the early 80’s nobody thought an Italian plumber would change the video game world and, to be honest, nobody anticipated how much Alex would impact our intern project. This doesn’t mean we thought she was lazy, in fact quite the opposite, since she has gone way above her intended duties much like Nintendo’s poster child. While they both are known to jump around and do their own thing they’re always willing to come back and rescue those in their time of need throughout the Bozell kingdom.

Chayse Barr (Me) – Donkey Kong

We both dress like a boss – check out that necktie! And we never shy away from any monkey business. ‘Nuff said.



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