Integrity in a Digital World

October 13th, 2017

As digital ad dollars have grown in the past decade, so has the presence of digital ad fraud. Long before digital advertising existed, agencies have been fighting for free publicity. This week, a New York media agency combined those two themes and announced a “Digital Integrity Director.”

Interesting name: Digital Integrity Director. Someone to make sure clients don’t pay for impressions that don’t exist. Someone to make sure clients do not spend money on ads that cannot be seen. Someone to appear in a new business pitch to soothe legitimate concerns about digital ads.

Sounds like a nice name, right? Sure. Orwell would applaud the effort.

If job titles solved problems, Congress would have hired its own Director of Integrity long before the Internet was around. The fact is, ad fraud occurs when agencies pay more attention to spending a client’s money than researching where that money goes. It happens when agencies spend money with vendors.

At Bozell, we don’t work with vendors. We work with partners. We have no interest making deals with publishers we don’t know and technology we don’t trust. Our media team is dedicated to getting to know these partners and their products. We ask questions. We find answers. We verify results.

That’s our job. We don’t hire “Directors of Honesty” and “Coordinators of Truthfulness.” We hire people. We hire media directors and account executives and project managers who meet our standards.

Our success relies on upholding the reputation that Leo Bozell and Morris Jacobs began to build nearly 100 years ago. That reputation is based on doing what’s right for our clients. Their money is our money. And their success is our success.

It’s a simple reputation. But it wasn’t founded on a job title.