I guess, if you’re gonna Twitter …

August 22nd, 2018

For better or worse, Twitter is still a thing. I’ve been a user since early 2008. Since then, it’s where I’ve learned about breaking news (Michael Jackson’s demise),  local matters (traffic issues and weather alerts) and, of course, my favorite topic, advertising.

A few recommendations on worthwhile advertising Twitter accounts to follow:


A daily, pithy quote about the ad business. Not really from Lee Clow, but approved by him. (The author is actually Omaha-based freelance copywriter and CD Jason Fox.)


Australian copywriter, ACD, and non-practicing medical doctor. Scribe at Wellmark, an agency specializing in healthcare marketing. Tirelessly calling out BS in advertising.


UK ad legend. Short, droll, pointed observations on the state of marketing.


Get ready for a lot of ranting about fraud in digital marketing. Bob is an in-demand speaker at ad events worldwide, and relentlessly uses data and numbers to point out the Potemkin Village of online advertising.


The single most satisfying ad Twitter feed out there. Funny (and sad) because it’s true. Sample post: “BREAKING: Agency Staffers Loitering Outside Conference Room Hoping To Snag Leftover Sandwiches After Client Meeting.” “BREAKING: Wisconsin Mom Excited To Head Out On Her Next ‘Brand Journey.’”


Mark Ritson is a UK marketing professor and columnist for Marketing Week. Wide ranging posts about advertising, marketing and research.


Toronto-based copywriter and educator. Daily posts examples of outstanding creative.


Former Adweek editor Tim Nudd is now editor of the Clio Awards’ new “content platform devoted to creativity.” Posts and links to some of the best, positive, uplifting content about advertising and design out there.