Four ways you can leverage email to strengthen other marketing channels

September 29th, 2010

Link to Social Media Sites – If you company is already utilizing social networking sites for marketing then you are in good shape. Creating icons and linking to your social networking sites is quick and simple. Before you go down this road however, consider the customers thought process. Is there a strong value for them to engage with you in social media? You may need to consider offering social media exclusive content and offers to get your email users to convert.

Drive in store traffic and sales – Whether you are a traditional brick and mortar or online store, all retailers want to drive traffic to their stores. Using email to send your customers in store only sales is a powerful way to engage with them and drive traffic.

Event Promotion – Since email messages are generally sent in standard intervals, it is the perfect channel to communicate both pre and post event information. Email is also important since you will most likely not have the opportunity to personally connect with each of your customers leading up to an important company event.

Link to online content – If you are currently running a blog or have other powerful forms of online content such as video or photography, direct your customers to it. Don’t let organic search be the only means of getting your customers and prospects to this key form of communication.