Episode 9: Add Some Animation to Your Advertising

December 2nd, 2020

Animation opens up the possibilities for marketers in terms of promoting a product, explaining a service or even just engaging a consumer. And in this episode of Marketing Then & Now, on-staff animator, Kyle Theobald, explains just how powerful and versatile animation can be. From GIFs to white-board animation to 3D, it allows you to send a shoe to the moon, bring a 2D square to life, or simply give the world a video comprised entirely of “rear ends just tootin’ on things.” … Yes, Kyle created a very famous fart video called Final Fart, which has been viewed nearly 50M times across a multitude of platforms. So join us as we talk to him about how his video gained traction and how the many different types of animation can help you along your marketing journey. 

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