Different Personalities of Twitter

March 23rd, 2009

Hello – Have you seen the movie Sybil? (I know that I am dating myself referencing this old movie. I watched it when I was a little girl and it was very scary to me.) The movie came to mind while reading this interesting story on the different personalities of Twitters, Twitter personalities can range from purist, answering the question what you are doing, to self promoter, trying to leverage Twitter as a marketing tool. Since my goal for Twitter is primarily for “education” purposes, learning about the latest trends in social media or what is trending with national media opportunities, I admit that I have multiple Twitter personalities. I check my personal Twitter every day, have a goal of sending a Tweet at least daily and regularly check out, but sometimes the day goes by and I have forgotten to click the “update” button on my Twitter account. I try to practice what I preach about keeping it real and conversational. If you follow me at, be warned since you might read about the latest social media trend, a beautiful day in Omaha or my take on a current event. I do not intend to try to have one personality on Twitter, as it is a useful and entertaining tool that will continue to evolve.

Have a great week! Sylvia