Define mom jeans Lee or get ready for some Wrangling!

October 14th, 2011

Lee’s new tv spot has a 20-something young woman uttering a vehement statement “I’ll never wear mom jeans”!

And she’s right. If her body stays 20-something, sleek and slim she never will wear “mom jeans”. Too bad it doesn’t work that way!

Who in their early 20’s with a knockout of a body would expect that to change in any way? I certainly didn’t. But the realities of a woman’s life: childbirth, surgical procedures leaving behind painful scar tissue, menopause, and god knows what else, don’t always leave us as they found us! In fact they rarely do.

Actually, Lee, you’re just setting that poor young thing up to be a laughing stock. She doesn’t look much more worldly wise than the three year old who never plans to have a job – she’ll just grow up to be a fairy princess.

No one has really defined “mom jeans” in my estimation. I’ve heard them described as anything from “jeans that are not strategically shredded $200.designer denim” to “ill fitting jeans that come up too high in the waist” – which are they? I’ve even heard them described as “anything worn by a 40+ woman”; I’m assuming they would exclude certain celebrity hard bodies.

So Lee, if you’re defining “mom jeans” as pretty much anything worn by a woman over 40 – you’ve just picked a fight that promises to cause you more pain than a tubal ligation.

As seen on Menologues, Vibrant Nation, Alltop