Dear AARP – Bite Me!

July 2nd, 2010

I really don’t have anything against you folks at AARP, but come on…do you really think that mailing me an AARP membership card and solicitation BEFORE my 50th birthday is a good marketing move?  If so, you should fire the person or company that gave you that advice.

It’ s not like that 21st birthday that you look forward to with great anticipation. Turning 50 isn’t something I stress over (the alternative is worse) instead it’s a birthday I look at with little interest. I didn’t even give it much thought until I got your mailing today.  Frankly, I would rather not have it thrown in my face that because of it I’m eligible for membership in AARP.  I know you’ve tried to update your image and you’ve shed the “American Association of Retired Persons” moniker, but much of the residual baggage remains — at least for me.  I still think of you as the old people group. I don’t feel old. I don’t act old. I’m not thinking of retiring or even slowing down. I still have lots to learn, lots of big plan, lots I want to do. 50 isn’t what it used to be. Come on…it’s like everyone says –50 is the new 40.  I have no intention now, nor in the foreseeable future, of asking for the “senior” discount.

Try me again in 10 years.  Maybe I’ll feel differently by then.


One Comment

  1. Robin says:

    AARP is notoriously cement headed. They have made a half assed effort to communicate with boomers – and they need to find a way to reposition themselves big time! My husband gave me one of the best 50th birthday gifts. To date I have never received one thing from AARP – he trashes them before I see the mail! And it means a lot to me!